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Patrick Collerton, brief CV

Patrick Collerton was born and bred in Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK. He left at the age of 18 to study at Liverpool University, where he promoted raves and edited the student newspaper, The Gazette. On graduating he studied Broadcast Journalism at City University, London. His love of pop culture and journalism experience landed him his first job as a researcher/presenter on the BBC2 Yoof programme, Reportage.

For the next seven years he worked his way up in documentaries across all four major terrestrial channels, including Channel 4’s Undercover Britain and BBC1’s Inside Story.

In 1998, desiring to learn more about the craft of film making Patrick returned home to Newcastle and formed Y.I. Productions (now Yipp Films) which made commercials and short film. As Yipp Films it branched out into European Short Film and European Film Festivals as well as award winning television drama.

In 2003 Patrick made a return to documentary with the Emmy award winning Channel 4 documentary, The Boy Whose Skin Fell Off. Since then he has directed award winning documentaries, national advertising campaigns and major television drama.

Patrick has been named as one of the UK’s top documentary auteurs by Broadcast magazine.

At the same time he is still pursuing his film ambitions and has several feature film projects in development. Patrick has been named as one of the UK’s emerging directing talents by Screen International.

In recent years Patrick has built a reputation in the world of commercials and made a successful foray into television drama with the ITV1 single film, Joe Maddison’s War, featuring Kevin Whately, Robson Green and Derek Jacobi.

Portrait of Patrick Collerton, film director.

Patrick Collerton.
Photo by Herkki Merila, merila@uninet.ee